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You might have guessed, I'm a visual artist and content creator... whatever that means. 

Sometimes it means I write and draw stories about a little creature with ten tentacles, some days it means I produce educational content, and sometimes it means I sit inside a pillow fort and doodle the chaos in my mind and in the world. I'm paid for some of it, so that's fun!  


I live in the particularly sunny Pune city in India, with my husband. He's a musician, so let's call him G (Sharp). We work from our little home studios and nap in the afternoons. Why? Because we carefully built this life as freelance professionals just so we could include nap time in our schedules (we work on weekends and late into the night too, but it's not bad... we can work in our pyjamas).

I draw a LOT of MoG moments; our mundane, exciting, frustrating, and awkward experiences. The hair and clothes are polished, but the stories in the illustrations are honest.

Drawing our stories welcomed so much joy, I started drawing stories for people around me... Families, weddings, babies, pets, success, struggles, joy, and grief. 

Untitled_Artwork 114.png


1. Do you draw caricatures? 

No. A caricature drawing is a picture of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.

No disrespect, I'm just not a big fan of the style. 

2. What DO you draw?

I make character drawings of people within their stories/anecdotes/inside jokes/world. If I draw you, your character will wear your signature style - the clothes and hair. But what I really enjoy focusing on is the expression on your face, your stance, mannerisms, and your environment. Those are the things that make you YOU! 

3. How much does a character illustration cost?... .........And why?

I'm glad you asked. Here's a simple breakdown - 
One character drawing costs ₹3000

                                   + ₹3000 per character 

                                   + ₹3000 for background 

But here's the thing... not every illustration takes the same amount of work, effort, re-work, time, and material. This price sheet is a rough estimate. I've charged a bigger amount for projects that were more demanding, and I've created for a lot less because the person and/or purpose presented a happy opportunity to learn and grow.

SO, if you're thinking of hiring me to create some artwork for you, write to me! Share your story, your purpose, and your budget. I'll let you know what style, finish, timeline, and format I can work with, within your budget. 


4. Do you do logo designs? Animation? Portraits?

Wardrobe Cleaning and Organising? 

I could...kind of...but I don't... because there is nothing special, unique, or intuitively wonderful I could bring to those projects. Except wardrobe-cleaning. I bring SPARKLE to that job.

Here's my range of work, (commissions/collaborations) -

  • Visual and Written Content for Education Initiatives

  • Character Illustrations for you and your family

  • Illustrations and Content Development for Children's books

  • Illustrations for books/magazines

  • Book Layout and Design 

  • Character Development and Storyboarding for brochures, manuals, and more...

  • Album Art (Hi Musicians!)

~ Much Love


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