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A Panda Tale is a book about a journey, an adventurous panda, and his funny tail. It's a story for everyone.
This story and every colourful emotion in it is for everyone who is in search of a sense of belonging. A different language, a different country, a different ability, a different community, can make us feel confused, or out of place. We could have scattered or broken roots. But there's so much more to us than the things we are born with!
Exploring new pieces of his identity, Bruss, the panda, finds a new definition of home. 

author and illustrator

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Stories of India and Cricket intersect in this illustrated book with playful poetry and prose. Trace the roots of the game till the landmark 1983 World Cup win, as you discover little known snippets about our country.

illustrator and designer

illustrator and designer

Meet Maya, a girl full of energy and adventure. She has profound hearing loss and wears cochlear implants. She knows a ton of cool facts about ears, brains, sounds, and more! In a sunny park in India, Maya meets Sid, a curious boy. Join them as Maya and Sid talk about hearing loss, and how Maya can still listen!

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illustrator and designer

One of the most important needs of humankind is to feel wanted – the feeling of being included. 'Voices of Inclusion' is a representation of countless experiences of people facing inequality, bias, lack of equity, and dearth of inclusion. 

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